Banbòch Gede! Gede Bash! Celebrate the Day of the Dead, Haitian Style

Makandal invites you to dance with the dead and rise again!
Saturday, November 19, 8 pm – 1:30 am
Tafari Tribe Globe Trade, 593 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn (map)

For the third year in a row, we present our Banbòch Gede, this time in collaboration with Bohio Music (vocalist Riva Nyri Précil and guitarist Monvelyno Alexis) and Makini Sacred Arts (Makini Armand).

And how will the night look?

  • Live music with Bohio Music
  • More live music with The Makandal Drummers
  • Hot Gede dancing with Agathina Ginoue
  • Food, drink, and offerings by Makini Sacred Arts
  • Jewelry and accessories by Gamonde
  • Tribal organic face painting by Fruiggie
  • Gede costume contest

Transportation to the venue:
B, Q to Prospect Park
2, 5 to Sterling Place

buttonTickets $15
Purchase on Paypal
(tap the skull to the left, and see how she swallows your money)
Buy at the door

Featured image by Kesler Pierre

About makandal1758

Makandal channels multiple media to educate and enlighten the public about Haiti, the Haitian diaspora, and all those touched by the rich legacy of Haiti. The company's activities include research, archiving, theatrical productions, and the promotion of artists.
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2 Responses to Banbòch Gede! Gede Bash! Celebrate the Day of the Dead, Haitian Style

  1. Paul Newman says:

    Whats the date?



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