Frisner Augustin Memorial Project

Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Master Drummer Frisner Augustin (1948-2012)

With support from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts, and dozens of individual donors, the Frisner Augustin Memorial Project is currently

  • digitizing our late Artistic Director’s analog materials, photographs, and text documents (nearly done);
  • creating an annotated online archive around his life and legacy;
  • realizing Frisner’s dream of a drum festival;* and
  • planning a database of outstanding Haitian drummers past and present.

*The first annual Frisner Augustin Memorial Drum Festival concert took place on June 21, 2014; the second on June 26, 2015; and the third on June 25, 2016. All took place at Roulette in Downtown Brooklyn. In 2016 we also held a special drumming workshop and a community forum on heritage preservation. The fourth concert will take place in the spring of 2017, and we hope to bring the fifth to Haiti in 2018.

Featured image by Kesler Pierre, taken in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Make a Donation to the Memorial Project

Take a moment to click the Donate button below and make a tax-deductible contribution to the Frisner Augustin Memorial Project. If you prefer to send a check, please make it payable to La Troupe Makandal,Inc., and mail to La Troupe Makandal, 621 Rutland Rd Apt 4C, Brooklyn NY 11203-1716.

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