Ayiti, nou bezwen yon bagay rekonsilyasyon de kilti pou fèt Ayiti. E l ap fè tou. Li gen pou l fèt. Paske tout moun ap gade sou lame, ap gade sou prezidan, ap gade sou jeneral, ap gade sou isit. Yo poko janm di, “Bon, ann reyini tout mizisyen ansanm. Ann reyini tout Vodouwizan ansanm.”

Haiti, for Haiti we need peace through culture. And it will happen, too. It has to happen. Because everyone is looking toward the army, toward the president, toward the general, toward here. They’ve never yet said, “Good, let’s bring all the musicians together. Let’s unite all the Vodouists.”

—Frisner Augustin, interview with Lois Wilcken, 25 August 1994, Brooklyn
(full interview in Kreyòl archived here)

Are you ready to keep his dream alive?


Frisner Augustin in performance with Makandal at the Citicorp Center, Manhattan, 16 November 1983. Photo by Chantal Regnault

In this message we appeal to you for a donation. After all, our values harmonize with yours and drive our activities!

  • We want to see legacies passed on, and in that spirit we created the Frisner Augustin Memorial Archive, an online work-in-progress.
  • We honor the ancestors, love the earth, protect our children, thus we seek funds to update and translate into Kreyòl The Drum and the Seed: A Haitian Odyssey.
  • We believe in giving. In the last two years our Artist Relief Fund has assisted families in Haiti going through natural and human-made disasters.
  • Three vintage Makandal music album are now re-released and available for download and streaming in our Boutique. Our classic A Trip to Vodou is next.

donate-buttonPlease consider making your gift to the future in the form of a tax-deductible donation to Makandal. Click/tap the button to the left to donate online. Or, write a check or money order payable to La Troupe Makandal, Inc., 621 Rutland Rd Apt 4C, Brooklyn NY 11203-1716.

At this critical juncture, let’s support Frisner’s vision to “bring all the musicians together” and reverse the forces that divide us. We can create the just and peaceful world we dream of. Ayibobo!

Resources, with Love from Makandal to You

Featured image: Detail of photo by Tom Pich from Makandal’s Rising Sun: Carnival Dawn performance, South Oxford Space, Brooklyn, January 12, 2002 | Photo archived here

Photo (cropped for YouTube video) by Shinji Takehara, Tokyo, 14 July 2007, archived here

Photo by Chantal Regnault at the Citicorp Center, Manhattan, 16 November 1983, archived here