The Frisner Augustin Archive

Call the Drum Spirit
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Take some time out to read our 2015 blog series, Wednesday Wonder, and our new 2016 series, Tales from the Archive. Each blog post tells a story about  an item or items we have digitized for the Archive. If you would like to be part of the effort, you can make a contribution by way of the link above, or you can send a check  payable to La Troupe Makandal, Inc., at 621 Rutland Road Apt 4C, Brooklyn NY 11203-1716.

Who was Frisner Augustin? Read about him on Wikipedia.

Featured image by the late photographer Joujou Foto, Port-au-Prince, circa 1965. See Frisner just right of center at a petwo drum (and sporting a bonnet), with a Mardi Gras band of his own creation. Just one of the gems in our archive. Please join in supporting.

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