The Frisner Augustin Memorial Concert 2022

A Trip to Vodou Jazz, In Memory of Frisner Augustin (1948 – 2012)

Saturday, June 25, 2022, 8 PM (doors open at 7:15)
Rooftop Terrace at Brooklyn Commons, 495 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn (map)

Tickets (at door, or click below for advance purchase)



The Makandal Drummers
Renald St. Juste, manman
Steve Deats, segon
Kesler Pierre, boula
Paul Uhry Newman, ogan

Sirène Dantor René

The Michael LeMorin Quartet
Michael LeMorin, guitar, vocals
Chris Fletcher, keyboard
Bobby Raymond, bass
Brian Carter, drums

Grantors and Sponsors

A Trip to Vodou Jazz is sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC).

Additional funding has been provided by the NYSCA–A.R.T./New York Creative Opportunity Fund (A Statewide Theatre Regrant Program).

Haiti Cultural Exchange is a nonprofit organization established to develop, present and promote the cultural expressions of the Haitian people. We seek to raise awareness of social issues and foster cultural understanding and appreciation through programs in the arts, education and public affairs.

The Haitian Studies Institute at Brooklyn College CUNY encourages and supports studies on Haiti and Haitians living abroad. It commits itself to analysis and research that link scholarship on Haiti to social actions impacting the lives of Haitian and other communities.

The Congress of Santa Barbara (KOSANBA) creates a space where scholarship on Vodou can be augmented. It is the belief of the Congress that Vodou plays and shall continue to play a major role in the grand scheme of Haitian development and in the socio-economic, political, and cultural arenas.

Download Press Release HERE.

  • Featured image by Kesler Pierre: Audience joins drummers on stage for the finale, Memorial Concert 2014

7 Responses to The Frisner Augustin Memorial Concert 2022

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  3. lin deats says:

    He was one of the best drummers and was amazing at performing. Though he may be often imitated but he’ll never be duplicated. When it came to his talent and skills he was definitely one of a kind.

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  4. makandal1758 says:

    His own faith drove him to be the dynamo he was. The spirits walked, and danced, with him at all times. He was forever aware of that. When I understood the unity of his art and his spirituality, my life changed.


  5. Carline Keil says:

    He was a legend.


  6. Ti Djab says:

    He remains, for me, the greatest representation of the classic Port Au Prince style. Lafrik Ginen rek! His lessons and mentorship continue to provide food, shelter, and a comfortable life for me and my family. I hope to never forget him. He was indeed special.


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