From the Archive: A Recording Series

2011  ♥  Route de Frères, a classy recording by Andrew Cyrille and Haitian Fascination, debuted just months before Frisner Augustin, its percussionist, passed away. Amiri Baraka wrote in his album notes, “The group is called Haitian Fascination for a good reason….The drumming flows seamlessly throughout from the hand drum to the set, like the tradition itself.” Hamiet Bluiett, baritone sax | Alix “Tit” Pascal, acoustic guitar | Lisle Atkinson, double bass | Andrew Cyrille, drums | Frisner Augustin, percussion and vocals

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Album notes include musicians’ bios, photos, and comments on the music.
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Catch clip from track 10, “Spirit Music,” on YouTube.

2014  ♥  The Intimate Touch, From Frisner with Love, a solo audio recording by Frisner Augustin, inaugurated the series. A previously unreleased set of tracks by the Master, The Intimate Touch offers bliss and a cerebral massage to the connoisseur of fine drumming. Cover photo by Chantal Regnault, design by Kesler Pierre.


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2017  ♥  Èzili, a remastering of Makandal’s 1986 album, seven tracks with nearly two dozen songs. The album highlights Frisner Augustin’s experiments with Vodou jazz. Dedicated to Èzili Freda, a love spirit of West African provenance, it miraculously survived an apartment fire just months before its first release. Cover photo by Fuminori Sato, design by Lois Wilcken.

Sample and buy for $9.99 at cdbaby.
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2018  ♥  Prepare, a re-release of Makandal’s 2004 album, seven tracks with more than two dozen songs. Frisner Augustin began work on the album in 2003 in anticipation of the bicentennial of Haiti’s independence. Its title song addresses the ounsi (Vodou initiate). In using the song, Augustin drew a parallel between the birth of the personality during the Vodou kanzo (initiation) and the birth of a free nation of citizens. Cover photo by Chantal Regnault, design by Lois Wilcken.

Sample, then buy for $9.99 at cdbaby.
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Call the Drum Spirit T-shirt

T-shirt_144Our t-shirt, designed by award-winning artist Kesler Pierre, features a vèvè (sacred diagram) for Ountò, spirit of the drum and drummers in Haitian Vodou. (Ayiti = Haiti)

  • white design on black shirt
  • modern fit jersey, 100% cotton, machine washable
  • sizes: small, medium, large, x-large
  • price: $20 each
  • shipping and handling: $4 for 1 shirt + $1 more for each additional shirt

International customers: inquire about shipping cost via the “Leave a Reply” box at the end of this page.

Note: Please detail size(s) in special instructions field.
Wear your shirt in good health—and spirits!

Featured image from
The Intimate Touch album notes: transcription detail from the track “Triptik.” Created by Doctor Loïs using Sibelius.

5 Responses to Boutique

  1. Joan Burroughs says:

    Will you get XL t-shirts again? I need an XL.


    • makandal1758 says:

      Hi Joan! We don’t have XL anymore. I’m in Haiti until March 27. When do you need the shirt? I can certainly place an order from here, but I’m not sure who could fill it for you.


  2. I have been searching for this information for quite some times. About three hours of online searching, at last I found it in your blog. I wonder why Yahoo dont display this kind of good websites in the first page. Usually the top search engine results are full of rubbish. Perhaps its time to use another search engine.
    Malone Souliers Pumps


    • makandal1758 says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Malone! It’s encouraging to read positive feedback, and helpful to receive constructive criticism, too. You might also want to check Makandal’s new It’s just up, and very much a work in progress, but with lots more coming. And yes, search engines can be puzzling. Thank you again!


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