The Konbit for WaWa Team

In this space we acknowledge the individuals and institutions whose energy and inspiration are contributing to the success of this effort. With heartfelt gratitude…

AfroAtlantic Theologies & Treaties Institute/ATI | Her Majesty Queen Dòwoti Desir Hounon Houna II
Founded in 2015 by Her Majesty Queen Dòwoti Desir Hounon Houna II (United States/Haiti/Benin), who is a Manbo Asogwe, writer, and scholar, the AfroAtlantic Theologies & Treaties Institute/ATI convenes the leadership, artists, and healers of the African faith-based traditions. The ATI focuses on the scholarly, creative, human rights, and public policy issues effecting African descendants globally. Website

Ayiti (Haiti) Bluez
Ayiti Bluez serves the Haitian community as a cultural and fitness ambassador, a Spoken Word Poet, and an instructor in Kemet Sema Egyptian Yoga. You may follow Ayiti Bluez on Facebook and Instagram (@ayitibluez), and you may enjoy his music on his Bandcamp website and Soundcloud.
Facebook   Website   Soundcloud

Cultural, Spiritual, and Traditional Center Inc. (C.S.T.C.) | Hougan Asogwe Jean Saurel Francillon
The Cultural, Spiritual, and Traditional Center was founded by the journalist, community organizer and Hougan Asogwe Jean Saurel Francillion in 2018 to raise levels of spiritual, cultural, literary, athletic, and artistic awareness among the Haitian people; and to encourage the sharing of knowledge and spiritual kindness with one another. Facebook Page

Granchimen Cultural Center | Ernst Sévère and Martine Lecorps
Co-founded by Ernst Sévère—activist, business owner, and avid supporter of the Haitian culture and community—Granchimen Cultural Center has served Brooklyn, and Flatbush in particular, for over thirty years. As a cultural hub, Granchimen creates a space for the preservation of Haitian dance, drumming, poetry, and art in all forms. Facebook Page

Haiti Cultural Exchange | Regine Roumain
Haiti Cultural Exchange is a nonprofit organization established to develop, present and promote the cultural expressions of the Haitian people. We seek to raise awareness of social issues and foster cultural understanding and appreciation through programs in the arts, education and public affairs.

Imamou Lèlè | Le Temple D’Olohoum | Alexandra Jean-Joseph and Florence Jean-Joseph
Alexandra Jean-Joseph is an educator, dancer, and choreographer. As the Artistic Director of the drum and dance ensemble Imamou Lèlè, she currently produces cultural material that presents folkloric works of Haiti through traditional dance. As amanbo(priestess) of Haitian Vodou, she strives to preserve the connection between Haitian folkloric dance and Vodou rites and to promote dance as an experience where spirit and art meet. She currently practices with her spiritual family at Le Temple D’Olohoum in Queens, New York. Le Temple D’Olohoum is dedicated to the observance of Vodou in its most religious aspect. It focuses on creating a physical, mental, moral, and spiritual environment for the practice of Vodou. Facebook Page

La Troupe Makandal | Lois Wilcken and Steve Deats
La Troupe Makandal evokes the power of traditional Afro-Haitian music and dance to represent the history and culture of Haiti and New York’s Haitian community in theaters and educational establishments, and to archive these cultural treasures for posterity. Much of the company’s repertory derives from the sacred music and dance of Vodou, widely misunderstood in the United States as “voodoo.” The Troupe’s programs, activities, and online resources challenge ingrained stereotypes, but they keep Haitian magic alive while educating, entertaining, and healing racial and cultural divisions. Website
Frisner Augustin Memorial Archive Website

La Troupe Zetwal | Sherley Davilmar-St. Fort
La Troupe Zetwalperforms traditional Haitian dance accompanied by live drumming and percussion. Founded in 2001 by Sherley Davilmar-St. Fort and Linda Pierre-Louis Elysée, and based in the greater New York area, La Troupe Zetwal has performed for community events, in theatres, and at private functions. The company embodies the vivacity of Haitian culture. Serving as an artistic ambassador of an island whose name translates “mountainous country,” La Troupe Zetwal aims to share Haitian pride, as monumental as its terrain, through dance, music, and storytelling. Website

Makini Sacred Arts | Makini Armand
Makini Sacred Arts provides cultural activities for children and youth in the underserved communities of Central Brooklyn, using proceeds from the sale of sacred arts and crafts of Africa and the Caribbean. Activities include dance, drumming, and traditional Haitian song conducted by community-based visual and performing artists. Founded by artist, art merchant, and community activist Makini Armand, the enterprise addresses the social problems that impact evolving communities, while creating a mutually beneficial bond between professional artists and young people. Facebook Page

The Sky Menesky Podcast | Sky Menesky
Jean Menesky Magloire is an educator, drummer/percussionist, and cultural activist. Magloire currently works as a middle school teacher in Brooklyn, while co-hosting the weekly “The Sky Menesky Podcast” at BBOX Radio. The Sky Menesky Podcast is a sans frontières(open borders) radio program committed to promoting, defending, and educating Haitians and non-Haitians on the importance of Haiti; and to advocating for cultural, economic, and political change in our community within the diaspora. Facebook Page

Vodoule | Rony Manoly
Vodoule host Rony Manoly began his engagement with Haitian arts in the Rara movement’s Symphony des Machos in 1987. He later joined the group Djakout Konbit as a singer and composer. From 2002 to 2012 he hosted the show Rasin Kore on Radio Nago until moving on to Radio Comedy FM Live, with a similar show called Vodoule. He has interviewed countless singers, dancers, poets, and community activists. WaWa has been a guest at both radio stations. “It’s fitting for me to be part of this group, which is coming together to honor WaWa for his lengthy and extensive career promoting Haitian culture.” Website