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From the Research Corner

[Note:  Makandal's work, like all projects in folklore, dances ploge (intimately) with research.  This entry will engage the reader with some intriguing questions on representing Haitian music.]


From Doctor Lois:Easter_140420_Closeup

So a publisher has asked me to write an encyclopedia entry on Haitian music in history, geography, and culture. That should be easy for someone who has published a book and myriad essays on the subject, right? Look again. “Music in history.” I certainly know something about Haitian music of the present, and I’ve listened to recordings going back to the 1930s. But what do I really know of…let’s say, the music of Vodou in the nineteenth century?

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Makandal Launches New Blog and Website

Makandal, serving the Haitian, Haitian American, and Friends of Haiti communities of New York City since 1981, now hosts a blog and website. Please follow to learn about and experience the best of Haiti’s classic performing arts. Navigate our pages, top right.

Tanbouyè ba mwen son mwen e
Tanbouyè ba mwen son mwen e
Ountògi ba mwen son mwen
Solèy lève…

Drummer, give me my sound, oh!
Drummer, give me my sound, ah!
Sacred drummer, give me my sound
The sun rises…

Traditional Afro-Haitian spiritual song


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